Opening HOTEL MODE on Sharp Tv Wonder and Universe

Today the arrival tv Sharp 14W20-type universe with damage to the auto / manual channel search can not be accessed, as well as CH-SETTING.Kerusakan menu as is indicated by CH-SETTING menu that changes color to purple is normally hijau.Sebenarnya things like this because HOTEL MODE function on tv in the position ON / Off function that automatically disable the AUTO / MANUAL / CHANEL SETTING.Mungkin you accidentally combines unique buttons with a remote control for remote on top of your body fall asleep when watching TV, or perhaps because of the remote control was made toys by toddlers fix this follow these steps: first use the remote control and press the MENU button scroll to scroll back to the BLUE FEATURE BACK ON position and press and hold -/-- button for 5 seconds, then input the password 1379 then press the V + to disable this MODE.Cara HOTEL for Sharp TV Wonder / Universe which already has a feature STEREO, while for MONO features through the following steps: use the remote control and press the FUNCTION button repeatedly until the set into BAHASA LANGUAGE and press the button - / - and enter the password 1379 then disable HOTEL MODE by pressing the V +. With the steps above, the problem difficult to access the AUTO / MANUAL / CHANEL SETTING can be resolved, may be useful for colleagues technicians all, keep the spirit and success for you all, thank you.

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