Sharp TV universe that protectionism

Nearly 4 hours made ​​dizzy by sharp universe, so complex protection system, langakah to overcome the sharp tv universe Proteks, please refer to either - well my story below,
Incidentally sharp tv universe can service TDA9381 IC / IX 3368, said that had the tv, lights lednya not as usual, was that if a flame red color standbay green, LHA is why the color is so yellow, and can not catch the broadcast tv, just get to watch vcd,
after the owner can curhatan from now I try, it turns yellow berwarana lednya Ko, instead of the screen can not live aka dark
owner vent again, it was the most damaged mas lights ...
hmmm '' ... !!!
After loading it directly aq, well it turns out really gross profit in it many homes 2 & dusty black
Now it's time for action, 'see ya good either'
The first step is to clean all the dirt that is both dust and earnings spider, use a brush, as well as his tv motherboard, to the motherboard (PCB) that is used to clean the copper lines using paint thinner, paint thinner good use,
after we cleaned with thinner re-solder it all starts from the regulator power supply
Once completed we re-solder all the time in on again. good.Jreng pray ... still do not want to live TV led      
yellow LED if it might be because ic memory error or corrup
Replace the memory IC 24C04, after ic memory in dressing now in his tv jreng try again ...! red LED ni wah good sign, immediately push the power on in the remote, the LED turns green but just for a while only a few seconds, waaaduh ... ass again nich. If the red LED then berwarana reddish green and back again or standby means terprotek tv, tv terprotek because there could be a slew voltage up or down
Protek foot pin IC TDA9381 IC / IX 3368 at number 8 3,2Volt normal voltage or 3.3 volts

then locate the point where that happens protectionism by releasing one - by one diode protection "for shortcut to remove all the protection by removing the jumper 223", and met also turns off when the D503 vertical ic voltage protection for the tv after tv in on the flame, and it turns out there is slack in the foot solder elco 100uf / 63v directly re Selder, after trying to re-solder at the moment and keeping new 5 minute tv standby lED changes color again ... what else ni merah.waduh
tv in onkan tetep happen again could not protectionism, jumpers off 223 I can be on tv led green but the screen dark tetep tetep not flame heater, horizontal osc worked briefly then off but the led is still green sign tetep berwarana tv on.kemudian I put the jumper again 223
try to enter the menu faktori, by way of a short two jumpers sort 122 to 124, tv flame but also tetep briefly returned to standby
From the dizzy and weve already dizzy, I replace all the filters elco for supply voltage and the results remain the same protectionism standby.woow ... wait - wait, I take a break for a few days stay hope to meet again the idea
Use elko size 470uf / 35V I try, one - one with a parallel manner in cacis on foot Elco ic supply filters in each path, and it worked well not have thought - would have thought it small elco petite size 100uf / 6,3v as the culprit, located at the foot lanes 3 TA48MO33 3.3V regulator ic, whereas in physically look good, in measuring the voltage on the line also good, ie 3.3V control ic also be working normally at the time marked on the button on the remote at the tv could push the flame though briefly, the current position may want to flame voltage drop occurs. 3.3V voltage supply ic used for control, without the tv on onkan voltage can not, in the remote also will not be able to,

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  1. i want 2 transistor STPS1.0H1.00CFP/GKOLT VW/CHN 21.9 AND 1 TRANSISTOR STPS1.0H1.00CFP/G41.50 VW/CHN 21.8