Alexander Sharp tv standby Dead

This afternoon get more service calls to fix the tv in his house Dafid father / mother Harsini, Coral, Mangge, West, Sharp brand .and Alexander type 51DXF200 type with a complaint if in turn the tv would not start at all so just wrote a glowing LED lights continuously, the front panel tv did not work from remote let alone! No response was unloading my sekali.end same tv, the first step I did was as usual at the first re-soldering all the parts afterwards checking the voltage, the voltage B + which should be around 116V 150V measurable, voltage of about 20V for normaly Audio, sedangan voltage 7V to 14V drop live alone, hmm .... what's this? Then I find the heatsink for IC regulator 9V 090RD1 series is very hot, also for the diode rectifier and R boundary is also very hot at all, woow woow woow what else is there? At first I thought this regulator IC is short, but after the change with a new, still tetep only, hot and hot, hmm ... what causes it? Finally I browse all the components associated with the output of the regulator IC, I finally found the source of the problem comes from a series of Stereo / Surroundnya located on the outskirts of the main PCB, with a socket and a standing position, when I pull this little PCB from the socket, can live tv normal, but when I plug it in again, directly stanby.YESS finally met also the source of the error, the SMD type IC with type MZ-01E, but unfortunately there is no IC in the market of this kind, asked SHARP SERVICE CENTRE  no stock he said, Haduh Iki haduh haduh piye? yes I've finally cut aja L3501 IC that is connected to VCC and I try to turn it on tv, hmmm ... can live tv flawless picture and mono sound is also normal but he he is not what is important-whatever her family could've Pak Dafid enjoy tvnya again, Okey success for EVERYTHING!

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