Damages Tv sharp / ANALYSIS

Damages TV Sharp certainly a bit different from the damage on television the other brand. Because usually damage the television on every brand will be different cause and damage. If similar damage occurs in different brands of televisions most likely handling 'penyembuhan'nya governance requires a calm manner as well.

Damage Under his IC Series

Usually, each series has its own television. At the Sharp-branded television for example, some use the main IC TDA series 938PSxxx generally often have damage to the regulator, IC vertical, fly back, IC memory, or even the quality solderan inadequate.

The damage to the IC is very diverse causes, there is naturally due to damage or error term damage is usually temporary. If because of error or corrupted, you can handle it by going into the service menu.

Or in other cases, damage Sharp TV that uses a main IC TDA 8361/8362 labeled usually damage often occurs in the stand by 9 volt regulator. To fix this you need to replace the 7809 IC series resistors and capacitors and two twins (18 ohms). Check also his elco 100-220Uf/160 Volt, is not bloated? Do not miss to check the IC vertical and horizontal TR and all points solderannya.

One more thing that is crucial, ie, if your television does not want to go 'start' and only survive in the position of 'stand-bye', then remove the IC KIA solderan in 7045, which be an IC reset program. Where IC is functioning in providing 5 volts to the reset pin on the IC program (type 51R500 Sharp) incam / IGR componen number IC1003 (KIA 7405).

Repairing Damage

Every time you experience damage Sharp TV, a few steps you must do is as follows:

* First, clean the mainboard using thiner liquid and a soft brush to check if there are solder points that have been lax or even loose because it can disrupt systems and cause minor damage on your TV.

* Second, after a clean, thorough and carefully check all the solder points on the supply-flyback vertikal-regulator/power. In a way, the box is often the occurrence of damage due to heat from the flame of TV for hours. Especially check the vertical IC and resistornya. Be careful when doing this part because it is sensitive, though the power is switched off but the tension still remains in the vertical supply elco.

* Third, replace the vertical IC if it is damaged which is marked by changing the color of the vertical resistors. And remember do with extreme caution and full accuracy.

* Fourth, turn on your television and watch carefully.

If not too 'start' as normal, then it is obligatory for you to follow the next steps as follows:

* If the light is yellow led to the green , stopping at yellow, then certainly damage to the IC memory. You should replace it with a new / I fill memory ic

* If the red LED lights continue to die, then the most likely damage to the main IC, or loss of voltage is 3.3 volts at the regulator, check off the power supply.

* If the LED light is green for 10 seconds and back to red, then certainly there is a failure in the horizontal section. Check fly back .

* If the LED lights off completely, check that the input power supply, check STR 6553/6554. You should replace it if there is damage also check the limiting resistor. Important note, that when you are replacing the IC STR 6553/6554 check two diodes the corner, replace with the original. If not done STR will likely come back broken, and this often happens.

Hopefully this article can provide many benefits for those who are doing repairs to the damaged television.

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