Damage silver box SHARP TV series

Tips and tricks this time talking about how where to face problems on Sharp TV series silver box is easy and practical. First you clean them with thinner mainboard if so dirty solderan point in seluru circuit can diligat clearly. Once clean solderao try to check all the points in all sections, especially in the supply-Flyback Vertikal-Regulator/Power, because the damage is often the case in point because the heat solderan in appear.coba also check solderan vertical IC and resistors, if there is no problem with solderanya try to check the IC Vertical and resistonya whether damaged or not, if you believe it damaged sila replace with the same number as well as sesistor.
Try to turn on the TV and see if masi star normally would not please take the following rare;

if the flame red LED to yellow-green and stop damage to the memory IC (24c0424c16) replace it with a new setting in the service menu again prameter.

If the red LED continues to die of damage occurred on the main IC TDA 938psxxx. Or loss of voltage at 3.3 volt regulator, check the pawer supply.

If the green or red blink there is an error in the memory IC (internal error) you can reset it or replace it IC. How to reset the memory IC SHARP will be displayed on the theory kehusus.

If the green for 5-10 seconds and the red back is a failure on the horizontal section, check the FBT (flyback) try and measure the wear multitester with 10k scale Ground on foot and leg toward the collector transistos Horizontal out put, If it moves even a little mean FBT ( flyback) is short also check the voltage 180v to RGB blog. usual also limiting damage to the resistor.

If the led is not lit at all check the power supply input section 6553/6554 replace STR check if there were signs of damage and do not forget to also check the limiting resistor (6.8 / 10 watt). In the process of replacement IC STR 6553/6554 check all diodes especially 2 buag diodes in the corner if necessary, replace it with a genuine reason not to an imitation of imitation heart STR certainly will die back, and this often occurs when it is not the same type diodes medapat what if IN 4667 two diodes in series in connection dae in pairs for every single fruit meggantikan these diodes.

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