Protek Tv Sharp

following I will give some sharp tv repair tips. For example, Sharp TVs that use IC TDA9381 Universe / IX 3368. This TV uses the system of protection. Here is the damage macam2

1. Press the button, the green led is red then back / standby. Due to the flyback is not working, usually because of damaged or not working Flyback Horizontal oscillator, there is a 5V voltage to supply the missing Hor OSC.

2. Press the green led and no sound Flyback working but tv does not even glow red led light and flashing back. Usually the damage to the data EEPROM is usually in the setting Language / Language. Generally, all the language settings in the parameters given the value 0.

3. Press the button and the green LED will light up but it seems TV tv standby and back and a yellow LED blinks. Still damage to data. LED F give the value 0.

4. Press the button there is live TV image and then re-standby. Caused no initial voltage drop due to normal later a distinguished component short or leak. For example 5v Zener diodes which connect with the SDA and SCL. And there's also a zener diode near the flyback who connect dg Heater and inverter output voltage 12v.

5. Power supply can not start / standby button has been pressed while power on. Is because there is no power on voltage of the IC program to feed into the TR switch Power supply voltage for IC program because weak / drop. Replace Elco 16V47UF and 6.5V100UF at 3.7V supply IC. Such problems are also common because of Elco 160V220UF already weakened / dry.

6. Damage to the vertical section such as ICs koslet or missing voltages.
R 33 ohms to the voltage supply 40v for vertical IC is often hot and burns caused by C - / + 1n5 or 2N2 and R 1K8 smd bypass to ground loose or broken on the leg 1 and 2 IC Vertical, these symptoms are also accompanied by no appearance of the image / raster.

7. The TV is on but no picture there is only the OSD, there is a path breaking videos through horizontal series usually because of PCB charred.

8. Gemeresek sound sound system BG damaged due. Replace IC eeprom equate data, the parameters of the BG was given a value of 1.
To use Voice IC AN5891 on the parameters must be given a value of 1 because when the tv is not going to lose votes. For those who do not use the given value of 0.

9. At Sharp TVs that use Power supply STR W6753 / W6754 rarely protectionism. The damage often occurs in the STR tsb. Tanda2nya was watching TV suddenly die and then pressed again total live tv button again and soon will die tv again especially when there is a very bright picture. This occurs because the power supply drop since STR is weakening.

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