manner kinds collection service fashion sharp
manner. 1 (long model)

*look for a switch normal – service
*its for resemble switch that used in vertical part location is on main-pcb *backside close to tuner
*to enter service fashion – move to position service

manner. 2

*power on
*ascertain adjustment picture on course normal (with remot)
*short- ja137 ja138 around 1 second then free again, so will enter in service Mode.
*navigation uses ch and vol
*to exit kill aeroplane

change ic new memory (empty)

*power off
*short- then temporary ja137 and ja138
*animate aeroplane
*wait around 30 second automatic default data kan written to into memory

manner. 3

*main-switch off or pull power-cord (electricity cable)
*press and hold back concurrently vol-down and ch-up in panel front
*animate aeroplane
*navigation uses ch and vol with remote
*exit kill main-switch (data is kept automatic)

manner. 4 (slim with uoc box)

*power on
*ascertain adjustment picture on course normal (with remote)
*short pin-5 mikrokontrol around 1 second and free return (or ja483 with ja484)
*will press menu to will choose fashion that mengadjust (adjust fashion, check Mode, option fashion etc)
*navigation uses ch and vol
*wait around 4 second before move to adjustment another so that data is kept formerly automatically

change new memory (empty)

*power off
*short then temporary pin-5 mikrokontrol to ground (or ja483 with ja484)
*animate aeroplane
*wait around 30 second and automatic default data will be written to into memory
*if default data fails – possibility can be caused because abl britnes too bright or there problem in abl

manner. 5

*press menu in remote
*furthermore press number 4-7-2-5
*navigation uses ch and vol
*to exit kill aeroplane

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